Sunday, March 28, 2010

Chocolate Mazurek for Polish Easter

Easter Holidays Mazurek

Mazurek is a classic Polish Easter dessert. About 3-4 cm high, rectangular, oval or round. Usually made with pastry crust or on wafers (the kind used for ice creams, only flat). As for the filling - it is always quite sweet and there is a great variety of classic fillings.

Easter Holidays Mazurek

But the most crucial aspect in this cake is the decoration. The mazurek is always very elaborated and  usually features some Easter motives - eggs, chicks, bunnies, catkins ( here you have two photos of quite typical mazurek). Cake decorating is always a huge problem for me so this time I made only a simple geometric pattern, filling wafer holes with chocolate and almonds.

My mazurek has a rich chocolate filling studded with nuts, almonds and dried fruits. It is usually the first cake to disappear from our Easter table. :) Enjoy !

Easter Holidays Mazurek

Chocolate Mazurek

3 large rectangular thin wafers 
3/4 cup full fat milk 
3/4 cup sugar 
250 g butter 
500 g (18 oz) whole milk powder
3 tablespoons dark cocoa 
2 tablespoons nutella spread (or other chocolate- hazelnut spread)
50 g (2 oz) unsweetened coconut flakes
150 g (5 oz) approximately chopped nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds) and
100 g (4 oz) prunes and dried apricots cut into fine strips
100g (4 oz) raisins (dark and light, soaked in rum for 1 hour)

For decoration: 
100 g
(4 oz) white chocolate 
100 g
(4 oz) dark chocolate 
2 tablespoons butter 
6 tablespoons pouring cream 12-18% fat 
a few whole almonds

Bring to a boil milk with sugar (the latter must be completely dissolved - it is important!). Add the butter and mix until it melts. Leave to cool. Add powdered milk and cocoa and mix until everything is smooth and thick. Add nutella and mix again. Incorporate coconut flakes, one finely crushed wafer, nuts and dried fruits.  Spread the filling evenly on one wafer, cover with the other. Put a large chopping board and a pile of books on top of the cake. Leave on the counter overnight. After decorating you have to store it in the refrigerator, wrapped tightly in aluminium foil.

Melt each chocolate separately with half of the butter and cream in a microwave oven ( 180 W for about 1-2 minutes; remove, mix to check if it melted, and if necessary put it again to microwave for several seconds) or in a water bath.  Fill 2 pastry sleeves with 2 kinds of chocolate and decorate your cake. Insert some almonds in soft chocolate.


thecoffeesnob said...

Hi. I saw an exquisite photo of your cake on foodgawker and just had to come take a closer look!

This cake is just completely stunning!

Linn @ Swedish Home Cooking said...

This is a great idea to cook for easter! I love trying other cultures different food for the holidays, I wanna try your cookies now! I just started an online cooking show, Swedish Home Cooking, please check it out!

Gali said...

Oh wow! This looks rather good! I've never used thin wafers for things like that but it's a great idea.

Stella said...

Ooh, I saw this on Foodbuzz. I've never heard of this but I suspected with glee that the bottom layer might be dried fruit, and sure enough it seems to be. Love this! Thanks

Vicki said...

Wow, it's beautiful! I can't begin to think how long it took to do the decoration on top. Kudos to you!

Cherine said...

WOW this looks mighty delicious! Great photos!

tasteofbeirut said...

I had heard and read about mazurek before but it is only today that I can actually see what they are all about! Love the design it is absolutely beautiful, very special! tastes great too

The Lonely Radish said...

Check out my blog when you get a chance. I gave you a Happy 101 Award!

Janusz said...

so simple and so beautiful...:)

Mr Fix It said...

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